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Beaty Bookkeeping Services, LLC

Our goal is to partner with small business owners who are ready to simplify their lives by outsourcing their bookkeeping, giving them more time to focus on their business. 

  • Are your books a mess?

  • Does tax time put you in a panic?

  • Are you wasting time being your own bookkeeper?

  • Are you several months behind on your bookkeeping and have no time to get caught up?

  • Are you struggling to measure your growth and controlling expenses?

We are here to help with any of these items and more. 

We Offer


  • Setting up or taking over an existing QuickBooks Online account

  • Accurately record your transactions so you can have clean, tax-ready financials

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Personalized Reporting Packages


Clean up Project

  • Perform a QuickBooks Online Checkup which provides full review of existing set up and identifies problem areas.

  • Make corrections and set up best practices for future periods

  • Accurately record missing transactions and account reconciliation

  • Be prepared for upcoming tax filings

AR & AP Services

  • Assist with bill payment via

  • Organize vendor records and prepare 1099s

  • Assist with invoicing clients

  • Accounts Receivable collection

  • Provide reporting on outstanding AR or AP

Are we a good fit for you?

  • Are you a small business needing 5-15 hours of bookkeeping services per month?

  • Are you using or want to be using QuickBooks Online?

  • Do you need an expert in your corner to be ready for tax time?

Beaty Bookkeeping Serivces

What's the next step?

  1. Book a discovery call.  This is a discussion about your business, your needs, and what your expectations in services are.
  2. Compete a QBO Review. We take a look at your books to determine the scope of the work.
  3. Proposal and Engagement Letter.  An outline of the findings from QBO Review along with quote for services and Engagement Letter and payment information.
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