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Meet Amber Beaty

I started my first business with my little sister wheeling our little red wagon down the street to sell strawberries around the neighborhood.   Another one of our startups was a short-lived babysitters club just like the book series we were reading.  Fast forward a number of years, I start my own ecommerce business as a side hustle to my 9-5 in corporate accounting.  I found it to be challenging and very rewarding. Whether I succeed or fail, it's all up to me.

I’m excited to be launching Beaty Bookkeeping Services LLC.  I have spent my career working in various accounting positions mostly in the Consumer Electronics sector.  I’m thrilled to be transitioning to a more entrepreneurial role.  I enjoy accounting and explaining accounting concepts to non-accounting people.  My goal is to help small businesses with one of the things that they dread the most, bookkeeping and free up their time to focus on what they enjoy most, building their business and pursuing their dreams and passion.

QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

QuickBooks is the ideal software for small to mid-size companies.

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor has additional knowledge and expertise on your accounting software.

BA in Accounting

Formal Education in Accounting


Years of experience in Accounting


Managed Bookkeeping for personal ecommerce business

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